Why are people attending .NET DevOps Bootcamp?

Is simplifying your software development and processes something that you'd like to see happen in your organization?

If so, this class was made with you and your team in mind! 

This class is designed for senior developers, lead engineers and software architects - leaders in organizations. This class is aimed at up-levelling all the teams involved with DevOps environments.

All the way from things that have to be decided before code is written through version control techniques, builds, deployments and everything in between including the end of the process that creates a loop cycle telemetry and production observability.    

What does Training Look Like?

Lecture Only

Hosted by Jeffrey Palermo, the training is being executed over the course of 7 sessions hosted on Zoom on Thursdays from October 1 - November 12.

Copy of .NET DevOps for Azure by Jeffrey Palermo

Free 30-minute follow-up with Jeffrey

Lectures + Individual Training

Includes all items listed above, plus the following.

Book up to 10 hours during the provided office hours between Oct 1 and Nov 30 with a Clear Measure architect

Meet your Instructor

Jeffrey Palermo

Chief Architect & CEO of Clear Measure

In addition to being CEO at Clear Measure, Jeffrey, a Microsoft MVP, is also the founder of the Azure DevOps Podcast and the Azure DevOps User Group. Previously he was a founding board member of Agile Austin, the founder of AzureAustin, and a leader in the Austin .NET User Group.

Jeffrey is a well-known author and international public speaker. He has received 13 Most Valuable Professional awards from Microsoft and has spoken at industry conferences such as Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Build, DevTeach, VSLive and various other regional conferences. Jeffrey has other books in the ASP.NET MVC in Action series as well as two video books on ASP.NET MVC and nearly a dozen magazine articles on various .NET development topics.

Jeffrey also loves conversations that involve: Jesus, motorcycles (KTM), Boy Scouts, military deployments, Texas A&M, and camping.

Training Modules


  • Warm-up & Module 1: DevOps Architecture Overview & the 3 Ways of DevOps


  • Module 2: Process and tracking work
  • Module 3: Version control architecture & decomposition


  • Hands on review
  • Module 4: Private builds & continuous integration builds
  • Module 5: DevOps quality and defect detection


  • Hands on review
  • Module 6: Release management
  • Module 7: Repeatable automated deployments


  • Hands on review
  • Module 8: Auto provisioning of environments (infrastructure as code - IaC)
  • Module 9: Runtime observability, logs, and telemetry


  • Hands on review
  • Module 10: Large system, layered pipelines
  • Module 11: DevOps automation for legacy systems


  • Hands on review
  • Module 12: Applied DevOps scenarios (micro-services, desktop applications, offline/non-real-time deployments, etc)


Chris Pellizzi

Investment Analytics & Data Associate

I came here to improve on some of the DevOps practices we've been using already. Maybe fill in some of the gaps. [When I go back to work ]One of the things I'm looking forward to is scripting out our environment setups because it is very time consuming and difficult to replicate.

Michael Billingham

Software Engineer

[Our Deployment process] is definitely a pain point. ….There's a bunch of different ways that aren't standardized at all. The first thing I'll do [when I go back to work] is setup proper health checks. That looked like an easy first step to improve things.